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Welcome to the Greek Travel Center, your guide to Hellas. Here on our site, you can find out why you should consider going to Greece and how you make the most out of your Greek vacation.

Greece, or Hellas, is hailed as one of the cradles of civilization and there are few other countries on earth where you can feel the beat of history as you can in Greece. There are countless temples and ruins to visit, including the famous Parthenon. Visit Athens and all the museums, or perhaps the spot Sparta once stood on.

greece cruiseGreece is however much, much more than history. Greece has fantastic beaches and the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. There are countless beaches to explore the countless islands that make up the Greek archipelago. The Greek archipelago contains more than 6,000 islands of which only a small fraction is inhabited. There are actually less than 300 islands in total that are inhabited. This makes Greek one of the best sailing destinations in the world, as you can cruise the Greek archipelago and anchor for the night in the coves of uninhabited islands.

Greece offers excellent nightlife and attracts young Europeans from all over the continent that comes here to party and forgets about their everyday lives for a moment. This industry is thriving due to cheap hotels, cheap flights, and cheap restaurants and bars. Of course, top-notch luxury alternatives are also available for those with thicker pocketbooks.

Greece is an ideal destination for almost any tourist as it offers something for everyone.  They offer sun, beautiful vistas, deep blue seas, great food and exciting casinos. All this  makes it a good destination for groups who have a hard time finding a destination that all can agree on. Those who want to relax can find a lot of nice tranquil coffee shops, calm beaches, and quiet hotels. Those who want to party can find fabulous nightlife, and those who want to know more about the history of civilization and democracy will find great museums and visit the actual places that were to form the society we live in today.

The above was a short introduction to some of the things Greece has to offer. Here on Greek Travel Guide, you can learn more about specific destinations within Greece and what they have to offer, as well as give you tips about what you should think about before visiting this country. You are also able to find practical information such as what currency to bring, how to find a cheap flight and hotel, if your credit card will work, and which parts of the national cuisine that are too good to miss when visiting Greece. If you need a fast loan on your trip, visit

Our goal is, in other words, to get you to visit the cradle of civilization and to make sure that you get the most out of your trip if you decide to take our advice and go to Greece for a Greek vacation.

After visiting our site hope that you will feel inspired to visit one of the oldest nations on the planet.