How to Get to Greece

By Airplane

skygreeceIf you are planning on traveling to Greece by air from most countries in the world you will fly into Athens International Airport. There are literally hundreds of ways to fly into Greece, as there are that many original countries. Depending on where you are flying from, and your budget, you can pay anywhere from $500 or more for flights.

Remember that you can always go on discount ticket sites to compare online. Direct flights with no layover in Europe cost more, of course. Aegean Air, Ryan-Air and Easy-Jet offer really great rates along with some of the other discount airlines in Europe.

Remember to always book your flight early, as the cheaper seats are sold first. There may be several hundred dollars between ticket prices due to the time of purchase, for the same exact class of seating. If you don’t mind going to Greece in the off season, you may be able to save money traveling in November and still enjoy the warmth of the island before it gets to the rainy season.

If money is not an issue, fly directly into Athens non-stop and enjoy as much time as you can there. This will give you the best advantage, with taking no time off your trip to the mainland with any layovers. If you plan on flying to any of the Greek Islands, most are just a short plane or ferry ride away.

By Train

In the past the international train connections to Greece were spotty at best. With some of the obstacles that Greece has had to overcome, train travel into the country has been unpredictable. Currently there are connections into the Thessaloniki Train Station via Bulgaria, Serbia, Bucharest and Macedonia.

No matter what connection you use, you will realize that Greece has a very troubled train system. Remember that there are two stations, Larissis Station and Thessaloniki, located about 15 minutes from Aristotle Square.

By Cruise

cruiseWhether it is Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines, or Princess Cruise Lines, romance is on the agenda. If you are planning on cruising into Greece in addition to visiting one of the most picturesque countries in the world, you won’t be disappointed.

In addition to many of the major cruise lines, there are also smaller private vessels that can be hired to travel to Greece and throughout the Greek Islands. This is a more expensive way to see the antiquities, but a great way to island hop.

Look for cruises focused solely on certain aspects of Greece and the islands. Some are even themed and focused on the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

By Car

If you are planning on driving into Greece there will, of course, be no specific port for you to land in or arrive at; however, depending on what country you are driving from, there are a few things to remember. After paying a lot of the tolls at the ferry stations and toll road booths, you may find it cheaper to fly!

Going from one country to another, depending on how many, can really drain your wallet. Of course if you have plenty of time and do not need the convenience of the faster toll roads, take the country roads. It may take you five times longer to get there, but driving to Greece by car is all about the journey and less about the destination.